Hey everybody and welcome to the Damn Funny Texts – call for submissions!

Are your friends always texting you hilarious stuff? Or did you fire off a perfectly timed, witty comeback that’s too good to leave sitting on your cell phone? Then why not take a screen shot of the conversation and send it to us for consideration on the site!

We want to see all sorts of texts, from friends, coworkers, parents, and more. If it made you laugh, we want to share it!

NOTE: DO NOT SEND AUTOCORRECTS HERE! If you experienced a funny autocorrect incident, please submit it to us at DamnYouAutocorrect.com

Submit them to us by using the form, or mailing them to us directly at webmaster@pophangover.com.

We’ll take submissions from iPhones, Droids, Blackberries, or any other device you have. If you can’t screen shot the conversation, you can email us the text instead.

Thanks – and we look forward to bringing the funny!